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Purpose of establishment

  • To lead high value-added seeds by providing sustainable growth and testing sites for major food and horticultural crops with the aim of leading the global green technology, responding to climate change and developing eco-friendly agricultural technology and continuous industrialization.

Research support

  • Through the cultivation environment control, species breeding, cultivation, resource plant research and training support

  • new variety breeding and evaluation, cultivation research and proliferation, field experience and education support of students and farmers

  • Role of Global Market Leader through Innovative Biotech Seed Development

  • Biotechnology research using advanced greenhouse and resource development for globalization

Research Field

Analysis Room, Research Contents
Analysis Room Research Contents
Analysis of plant genome

Research on establishment of seed industry support system

Creation and implementation of future agriculture by industrialization of biotechnology new species

Research on transformation Commercialization of genetic function

Genome mass analysis and bioinformation analysis

Seed research

development of high value-added seeds and bio-new materials such as food, horticulture, medicinal crops

Resource plant preservation utilization technology

Cultivation Packing

Adaptation test of breeding varieties using cultivated packaging suitable for greenhouse

Exhibition and packaging of food, horticulture, medicinal crops (demonstration)

Greenhouse farming

Development of biotechnology research and global resource

Development of climate change response and eco-friendly agricultural technology

Development of energy-saving agricultural technology

Research on maintenance increase of main crops and horticultural crops

Major research instrumentation and facilities

  • Research Greenhouse 14 rooms (2314㎡) ceiling and side window (RACK & PINION system, slide system), side screen (motor winding system), upper screen (RACK & PINION, wide screen system(corridor))
  • Greenhouse constructionDrip watering Bed greenhouse (4 large-sized buildings, 6 small-sized buildings), Sprinkler watering bed greenhouse (2 large buildings), Bottom watering bed greenhouse (2 large buildings), C02 supply instrumentation (6 small sized building), Isolated greenhouse drip watering bed(2 large size exclusive for LMO)
  • Plant growth roomWalk-in chamber (automatic control of temperature and humidity and sunshine hours suitable for experimental crop growing environment), nutrient supply instrumentation (PRIVA Nutrijet (2 sets))
  • Low temperature warehouse, analysis room, cultivation packing, etc.
  • Greenhouse environment control programWith PRIVA Connext (Netherlands), all terminals are controlled remote automatically on heating and temperature, ventilation control, indoor climate control