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Purpose of Establishment

Promoting regional development through green-bio industry clusters, which are composed of researchers, local and companies through the creation of Industrial Cooperative Research Park, in order to promote commercialization of advanced research and commercialization of developed research results

Clustering research support

  • Researcher : joint use of various types of resources such as research development, quality manage, brand and etc.

  • Companies : Producing and selling products, joint research and development, providing some of the sales to the research complex

  • Local government (local) : Procurement of raw materials such as local specialties as product material, funding, etc.

Industry-Academia cooperation field

  • Innovative Knowledge-oriented combined items

  • Differentiated and Growing Potential Research, Production, Distribution, Services

  • Areas that can be linked with Pyeongchang campus

Research Field

Research Field , Research content
Research Field Research content
Type I Joint investment

Providing analysis services such as agricultural products, food, cosmetics, soil and water

Organizing cooperation with NICEM when conducting national research projects

Synergy effect through active linkage with research institutes, companies and local farms in the complex

Designated agricultural safety inspection agency (2015.1.)

Food self-certification inspection agency (in progress)

Type Ⅰ Genome Analysis Center

Supports base sequence and information analysis service using advanced genome analyzer

Supports applied researches on plants, animals, humans, microbiology by using new genome, genome mutation analysis, expression gene and epigenome analysis technique

Type Ⅰ Green-bio Research Facility Center

Strengthening research capacity through analysis service support and research cooperation for genome research in research park

High quality data production through efficient use of instrumentation and professional manpower through joint use of high-tech instrumentation in research institute

High-quality analysis service business for research institutes in national universities and national and public research institutes

Industrial Cooperative Research Park

  • In order to facilitate the commercialization of joint research and R & D achievements of on-site type by the move of Pilot Plant, Urban Plant, Research institute, manufacturing facility

  • As a stage 1, 226,199㎡ will be developed first, and the 2nd stage will be further develop the characteristic of the clean area and the research center are emphasized, and the improvement of the local education level through absorbing the excellent manpower and the improvement of education, living, and medical conditions corresponding to it, create a virtuous circle

  • Tenants rent a site for a long time and establish necessary facilities

Cooperation model of resident company and the Institutes of Green-bio Science Technology

Start-up business and innovation through integrated support for a series of courses including research, raw materials, certification, marketing, etc.