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Jeongbin IM

I am Jeongbin IM, the director of the Institutes of Green-bio Science and Technology(GBST).

We hope to contribute to the development of the Green-bio industry
in Korea through field-oriented research and education by the cooperation
of Green-bio science based research center and industry.

"Establishment the cluster of Green-bio, High-tech academy, research center and industry representing Northeast Asia“

Since 2009, Seoul National University has established a large-scale Green-bio technology research complex consisting of 2,771,450 square meters of land and 86,372 square meters of building in cooperation with Korean Governmnet, Gangwon Province and Pyeongchang-gun. The purpose of the establishment is to contribute to industrial-academic cooperation, international cooperation, and revitalization of the local economy through the expansion of Green-bio research and education capabilities.

The GBST is making steady efforts to become a representative Green-bio technology platform in Northeast Asia with using the research capabilities of Green-Bio science fields in Seoul National University.

The GBST will be a hub for Green-bio science and technology to contribute to national and regional development through on-site research and education.

Thank you for your interest and support. 


Director of the Institutes of Green-bio Science & Technology

Jeongbin IM (Ph.D in Agricultural and Resources Economics) Jeongbin IM