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Development of monitoring technology for global change

  • Visibility implementation of flexible social ecological system
    Construction and monitoring of water, energy and carbon flux observation network
    Development of 3 dimensional water, energy and carbon tracking system
    Development of adaptive management technology for local water and alternative water resources Securing Technology

Development of Low Carbon Green Technology

  • Techniques to secure local water resources and alternative water resources
    Research development of energy and carbon cycle
    Green space creation technology
    Development of carbon cycle verification system

Development of regional integrated system

  • Water resources, energy, carbon circulation area design
    Zero Village <x-framework development
    Development of self supporting regional integrated system for ecology environmental
    Development of education system based on green information technology

Development of technology to utilize new and renewable energy

  • Development of resource recycling type farm village development technology
    Development of eco friendly renewable energy resources
    Development of energy efficiency practical use technology
    Development and practical use of energy saving technology

Development of technologies for securing environmental stability

  • Agricultural production base and ecological resource amenity resource reclamation
    Development of eco system health index and utilization technology
    Technology development for production and residential safety improvement
    Development of resource circulation monitoring technology using zero energy sensor