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Eco Friendly Animal Welfare Research Division

  • Development of eco friendly breeding system with natural circulation type for seedling / Livestock
    Research on biogas plant technology
    Research on livestock manure and byproduct materialization
    Establishment and distribution of animal welfare breeding facility model

Eco friendly Livestock Material Development Division

  • Research on antibiotic substituted microbiological probiotics
    Development and research of oral vaccine for livestock
    Research on antimicrobial substances and natural immunity derived substances
    Research of functional physiologically active substances

Dairy Technology Research Division

  • Research on Optimal Production Process of Dairy Products
    Research on Bioactive Materials from Milk
    Development of High Functional Dairy Products
    Research Probiotics

Grassland and Forage Research Division

  • Research on technology of Korean type mountain fields composition and utilization
    Expansion of basis for increasing production of forage
    Research on functional materials in forage
    Study on the value added improvement of forage processing

Korean cattle Research Division

  • Management of high quality feed and specifications for shortening the number of days of fattening
    Study on identification of metabolism of intramuscular fat synthesis
    Development of meat quality traits
    Re establishment of Korean cattle specification manage with application of nutritional metabolism

Poultry Research Division

  • Establishment of poultry genome control technology related to economic traits
    Establishment of poultry breeding technology that can be utilized industrially
    Developing new poultry line through biotechnology and traditional ion breeding technology
    Enhancement of value through adjustment of ingredients

Animal Vaccines and Immune Modulating Feed Additives Research Division

  • Development of vaccine against acute livestock infectious diseases such as FMD / AI
    Development of vaccine against chronic livestock infectious diseases such as PRRS, PED / TGE, rotavirus
    Development of effective livestock vaccination system
    Developing and identification of natural and synthetic immunomodulators and their effects

Convergent Meat Products Research Division

  • Production technology of processed meat and egg product for promotion of non favored area consumption
    Production technology of omega fatty acid balance Well being processed meat and egg product
    Research on production of existing processed meat product and improvement of distribution process
    Study on customized processed meat products of export destination countries

Horse Research Division

  • Research for horses facility environment and animal welfare
    Specification management and nutrition research of Korean roadster / racehorse
    Research for horse production
    Research for horses facility environment and animal welfare

Future Original Technology Research Division

  • Identification of signal proteins related to livestock productivity
    Studies on intestinal microflora in livestock
    Production of customized nutrition products through nutritional genomics