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Industrial Cooperative Research Park

By establishing an international-level of clean animal breeding system, accelerating the development of high-tech life science research and playing a role as a leading biomedical technology organization both at domestic and abroad

Research support

Leading the field of regenerative medicine and cultivating manpower suitable for future fusion technology era through various interdisciplinary fields such as medicine, agriculture, veterinary science, biology and cell engineering and development of livestock industry and improvement of farm household income through utilization of high value-added animals and playing a role of regional economic development

  • Establishment of core swine breeding of DPF

  • development of mini swine using regenerative medicine/ Development, management and supplying of rodent model for prevention of human and animal diseases

  • Providing the highest level of research animal experiment support (technical support) and utilization base to local governments, universities and researchers

  • Self-development of research resources and support for industrial research through infrastructure

  • Bio new drug, supply of research primates for long-term research and development, breeding and technical support

Research Field

Research Field, Research content
Research Field Research content

Development of new drug through acquisition of diseased rodent

production and supply of disease model TG, KO rodent

Mini swine

Development and Supply of Disease Model swine

Mini swine Resource Bank


securing resources through the introduction of overseas resources

supporting the production of transformed primates

Main research instrumentation and facilities

  • Rodent breeding room

    IVCS system, automatic water supply installation

    Single IVCS - 19 set → 1104 cage

    Double IVCS - 12 set → 1440 cage

    maximum breeding: about 2590 cages

  • Clean mini swine

    Mini swine - Cage typed breeding / Back up system(2 barriers)

    Maximum breeding : 150 ~ 200

  • Primates

    medium Macaca Rhesus 23 cage → maximum breeding : 46

             Cynomolgus 16 cage → maximum breeding : 32

    small Marmoset 43 cage → maximum breeding : 172

    • Micromanipulator The sample is enlarged up to 5 ~ 630 times and the microstructure of the tissue, the components of the compound and the cell can be observed (chromosome analysis and other substances such as DNA can be directly injected into desired cells and embryo)

    • Clarus C, Bioquell Instrumentation used to sterilize room, pass box, pass room, etc. for breeding laboratory animals (used as an alternative sterilization method for instrumentation and other items that cannot be sterilized by high pressure steam sterilizer)

    • F37, Hitachi Aloka This is a high-resolution color ultrasound diagnostic instrumentation that transmits ultrasound energy to the roundabout and receives reflected signals to visually observe the physiological or artificial structures (e Flow function enables detection of fine blood vessels and blood flow with low flow rate)