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Genome Research of major food and vegetable resources

  • Genome analysis of major food and horticultural crops in Korea
    Establishment of proprietary genome information infrastructure and cultivation of human resources
    Discovering functional genes using bioinformatics technology

Development of Advanced Molecular Breeding Technology

  • Development of MAS (Marker assisted Breeding) technology using genome information
    Genome assisted Breeding (GAS) technology development
    Support for large scale exploration and analysis of molecular markers of crops

Research on development of gene function and transformation technology

  • Functional gene transformation studies of major food crops (rice, maize)
    Functional gene transformation studies of major horticultural crops (potato, Chinese cabbage, red pepper)
    Research on development of purpose trait ion and agriculture trail improvement excellent event

Research on commercial GM seed development and risk assessment

  • Development of commercial transgenic event for global GM seed market
    Research on molecular biology and breeding introduction of genetic stability for GM crop de regulation
    GM crop risk assessment

Research on development of bioinformatics technology and infrastructure construction

  • Establishment of bioinformatics centralized infrastructure and support service
    Research support for gene function information through system biology