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Purpose of establishment

  • The Farm Animal Clinical Training and Research Center has been established with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and the Korean Veterinary Medical Association in order to train veterinarians specialized in farm animals and educate them at internationally recognized levels in preparation for the conclusion of FTAs between countries and veterinary prescription

  • The Large Animal Hospital developed and applied the medical consulting for animals and domestic field-oriented treatment system for internal and external researchers at the research institute and contribute to national image by strengthening the competitiveness of domestic livestock farmers, raising incomes and preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

Education objective

  • Field-oriented farm animal clinical veterinary education that will lead the creation economy by cultivating farm animal clinical veterinary and those who contribute to the global society by Clinical veterinary Korean wave composition

  • Providing basic education courses for over 550 students from 10 veterinary college nationwide

  • Providing an intensive course to strengthen the level of farm animal veterinarians to world level by professional training to farm animal specialized veterinarians

  • Providing training and maintenance courses for currently active farm animal specialized veterinarians

  • Providing basic education related to prevention of infectious diseases in farm animal with veterinary education to respond to national disaster disease for livestock workers

Research Field

Research Field , Research content
Research Field Research content
Cattle Clinical Veterinary Medicine

Development and dissemination of development of Korean type group management technology (MPT, etc.)

Research on the improvement of the control system for the prevention of metabolic diseases

Identification of the cause of cow mastitis and development of therapeutic substance

Poultry Clinical Veterinary Medicine

Development of Smart farm construction and operation technology

Development of advanced infectious disease prevention technology

Swine-farming Clinical Veterinary Medicine

Development of farm protection program through serologic monitoring

Development of the most advanced and Korean customized vaccine using the latest genetic information and genetic recombination techniques

Development of clinical technology for eco-friendly animal welfare and customized swine

Horse Clinical Veterinary Medicine

Development of horse clinical methods applicable to 6th industry

Development of horses stem cell production and clinical application techniques

Major research instrumentation and facilities

  • 3D Arthroscopy / Laparoscopy
    Am instrumentation that can perform surgery while viewing the internal organs with a 3D screen and minimize surgical incision and shorten surgical recovery period
  • Automated Botrytis Detection System
    An instrumentation that can quickly diagnose Mycobacterium bacterium which was difficult to analyze by traditional methods.
  • Biochemical analyzer
    Instrumentation for biochemical analysis of general hospital level
  • Large training room
    It is composed of 8 correction frames for cattle surgery and is the largest facility in Korea where 50 students can practice at the same time and surgical scene and medical imaging data can be viewed in real time on large TV.
  • Self-propelled operating table
    Instrumentation for the large-scale animal operation in the first time of Korea