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Promotion of industry-academia cooperation and regional cooperation through R&D in harmony with practical use and source technology, on-site education and establishment of commercialization cluster

Institutes of Green Bio Science & Technology

- Field Technology & Industrial R&D

  • · Institute of Eco-friendly Livestock Science
  • · Institute of Food Industrialization
  • · Crop Biotechnology Institute
  • · Designed Animal and Transplantation Research Institute
  • · Institute of Green Eco Engineering




- Animal resource field research support

Farm Animal Clinical Training and Research Center

- professional veterinary training for farm animal veterinary and specialization training

Designed Animal Resource Center

- Supporting high-tech life sciences research support by supporting development of rodent research infrastructure and future medical technology

Research Facility Center

- Development, support and training of specialized technology using advanced analysis instrument in agriculture industry


- Implementation of future agriculture through Climate Change Response, development of eco-friendly agricultural technology, development of energy-saving agricultural technology, etc.



Industrial Cooperative Research center

- Establishment of industry-academy-research institute-government cluster and construction of basic technology realization of field application for establishment of industry-academy cooperation complex for agri-food industry and operation of industry-academy

Research field

Establishment of five on-site laboratories in order to increase the growth potential of green-bio and related fields and to commercialize them.
실용화와 원천기술이 조화된 연구 개발 (바이오이식, 친환경축산, 건강식품, 종자식품, 친환경주거) 연구소 간 통섭에 의한 창조적이고 가치 있는 지식을 창출할 수 있는 협력 체계